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Hua hong wuxi project is officially launched.


Hua hong wuxi project is officially launched.

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With the noise of the pile driver, the sound of fireworks and the applause, on April 3, 2018, the wuxi project of hua hong was officially launched! In the morning, in wuxi city vice mayor, the new district party committee secretary, secretary of the party working in the zone Wang Jinjian, wu huahong group party secretary, chairman zhang heart, President of Shanghai construction group BianGuJun, machine group President zi-ming Yang, machine five Zhou Zheng company general manager, security chief engineer GeXinMing and other leaders attended the ceremony started. The ceremony was presided over by wang yu, President of hua hong.
Huahong wuxi is the national key projects, general contracting construction by Shanghai construction group, machine five company is mainly responsible for pile foundation engineering construction, according to the requirements, the project department should be in 45 days, a total of 8803, about 130000 line meter precast pipe pile construction tasks, the output value reached 53.83 million yuan. Facing the pressure of time and heavy task, during the opening preparation, project department strictly control every detail, from the equipment comes into play, assembling, spray paint to erect the pile, such as moving step by step process, to fully demonstrate the machine of project department. The project department will not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and practice the spirit of the craftsman with practical actions, and strive to make the wuxi project of huayong wuxi as the benchmark project in wuxi. (qian yibing)




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