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2017 Shanghai "May 4th red flag youth league branch", the 4th group of the fourth group of visits will be held smoothly.


2017 Shanghai "May 4th red flag youth league branch", the 4th group of the fourth group of visits will be held smoothly.

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On November 2,
2017 Shanghai "May 4th" red flag the youth corps cell creating activities 24 group visits for the fourth time, held in Shanghai construction north cross channel construction smoothly, the exchange of visits by Shanghai construction machinery group co., LTD. 5 the league to undertake engineering company.
The first stop
Visit the north cross exhibition hall.
At nine o 'clock in the morning, the friends came to the north cross channel construction headquarters located at 300 tianmu road. With the explanation of wei yi, the secretary of the communist youth league, he visited the exhibition hall of the north cross channel. In the understanding of the project in the process of construction, the project team in scientific and technological innovation, community building, measures of team training, etc, are marveled by construction workers "harmony for the pursuit of excellence" spirit of dedication.
Communication discussion
Then, five company vice secretary of the league wenqi zhang yun, from "consolidate" three green "brand, condensed youth consensus", "youth service, to do a good job of communication and sympathy with the youth", "relies on mass of jianping, major service project", "to build atmosphere, actively carry out all kinds of group activities", "set the stage, mining and young talent reserve," five aspects, such as the league to friends introduces five companies in group work.
The second stop
The high-level group organization attached great importance to the exchange of visits. Wan Chen, deputy secretary of the group, participated in the exchange of visits and communicated with them.
The third stop
Visit the project site
In the end, the party came to the construction site of the construction site of zhongxing road, which is to be completed and opened to traffic by the end of the year. The project's managing director, yao huanqing, told the audience how to make use of the innovative means such as prefabricated assembling process to attack the project and escort the project.
Visit each other
Through the exchange of visits between activities, not only enhances the cohesion between friends, let everybody have more out of their unit, to other units in the industry to learn advanced communication work methods, greatly improves the cyl cadres group work level.
To participate in the unit
Headquarters of baosteel metal co., LTD.
Shanghai huili microelectronics co., LTD. Engineering a youth league branch.
Shanghai tobacco group co., LTD. Technical center youth league branch.
The first engineering company of Shanghai construction engineering group no.1 engineering company.
Shanghai huizhong automobile manufacturing co., LTD.
The second youth league branch of Shanghai industrial automation instrumentation research institute.
Shanghai east China section production department group general branch.
China petrochemical Shanghai petrochemical co., LTD. Statistical center workstation league branch.
Shanghai jing 'an architectural decoration industrial co., LTD.
Shanghai machinery construction group co., LTD.




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