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Gather the youth power communication machine to tell the story.


Gather the youth power communication machine to tell the story.

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Gathering the youth power transmission story | youth echoes.Vol 2017 special edition.
On the afternoon of December 27, 2017,
The weather is fine...
Construction and management committee of jing 'an district,
The jing 'an district construction and management committee,
Jing 'an district building materials management center,
Shanghai jing 'an happy yi station volunteer service center.
"Build a dream and create harmony" --
In 2017, jing 'an district "happy new lu ban" construction site civilization creation exhibition activity.
At jing 'an temple community cultural activity center successfully held!
The rapid development of urban construction in jing 'an district brings development opportunities and management challenges. "Happy new ruban" building construction site civilization in party construction, for leading, party construction in site factory to build the service as a platform, to spiritual civilization construction as the carrier in the construction field, coagulation hearts meet force, carry mass effect, jointly promote the civilization worksite construction, build a harmonious society.
In 2017, in the civilization worksite construction in the process, the construction site adjust measures to local conditions, to play their own advantages, in construction safety standards, engineering quality, office facilities, the surrounding environment protection life, civilized atmosphere build aspects of innovation practice, emerge a batch of leading demonstration site, site for area set a good image of the industry.
North cross those things.
The young wei yi, guo yiyi, Chen li and wang wei told the story of the second great artery, the north cross channel, in the north cross channel.
From the best, to the higher.
The story of wu xinzhi, senior chief engineer and national model worker, was told by the young ma liang in the way of TED.
The young people use their way to carry forward the spirit of the model and spread the brand value. The development of a series of activities has promoted the sense of existence and the sense of gain of the construction workers, and also greatly promoted the spiritual civilization construction of the construction sites.




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