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The youth commando style shows the young eagle flying at the national level.


The youth commando style shows the young eagle flying at the national level.

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Machine group shi hong kong-zhuhai-macao LvJian building projects department youth commando existing players, 13, 1 women, six ShangHaiJi, average age 26 years old, the oldest 33 years old, smallest, 22, has six. The youth team in the face of hong kong-zhuhai-macao LvJian building super tight time limit, quality requirements are very high, the environment is quite tough challenges, have the courage to take forward the mission of "national", came to work in the deserted island. Although many of the players is the first time from school to national engineering construction, lack of experience, but in the construction project youth corps committee's leadership and machine project under the guidance of the party branch, project the youth corps cell hold youth mental characteristics of newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger, the hongqiao high in iron, Disney and other major construction team grow even jay, from technology, construction, material, quality, equipment, logistics, and other post practice ability, rapid growth.
Due to the completion of 56,000 tons of steel structure hoisting in more than 3 months, the project will be carried out 24 hours overnight.
Deputy project manager, commando changgao lianjie command.
Security chief anjun led a patrol.
In order to save time in the island, up and down, li jie, volunteer to give up a lot of players such as main island rent directly to live in shabby dormitory on the island, in the communication network under the environment of poor, almost no entertainment condition, not out of the island for dozens of days;
Li jie is inspecting the equipment.
Wang wenjun, who was in charge of the construction, offered to take a 12-hour night shift to let the old master rest during the day.
Wang wenjun, the construction manager of the night shift, took the time to give li jinpeng the floor.
Hu yi and yan lei, who are in charge of the technology, often make Suggestions on the development of technical solutions to make Suggestions for technical solutions, and do a good job in the project.
Chief engineer and engineer to solve technical problems on site.
Li dajie, who is in charge of the safety, was still on the floor of the floor at 3am, and sent warning rectification pictures to the safety WeChat.
Group support book, safety officer li dajie site carefully recorded data.
Responsible for the quality of zhang qihang to cooperate with the mainland to macau supervision of different acceptance requirements to increase a lot of duplication of work, and change the acceptance of thousands of documents;
Material officer ma zheng, quality officer zhang qihang on-site learning technology.
For the first time, Mr. Kim, who is in charge of business, moved from the rear to the front and took on the task of teaching new colleagues.
Business director jin xudong teaches new employee tang qian.
Chen wenjun, who is in charge of logistics, changed his life in the past and bought a needle and thread to take care of his sick and hospitalized colleagues.
The director of the office Chen wenjun not only manages the life but also manages the live civilization.
In various jobs commandos earnestly implement projects for each instruction, actively participate in carrying out the optimization of technical solutions and expand the yard, adjust the assembly sequence, transfer line, increase the hoisting, transportation equipment and a series of emergency measures. With the joint efforts of all, the project department of the hong kong-zhuhai-macau travel inspection building realized the smooth sealing of the steel structure on June 1, and the youth commando flag flew high on the top of the seal. In the difficult may, the project department of the project department, with a monthly lifting of 23,000 tons, broke the record of nearly 60 years, and the youth commandos also contributed.
In mid-february, the deserted island construction site.
The steel structure broke the lifting record in late may.
Commandos also actively participate in the youth league activities, carry out a "learn how to make a", the youth corps cell organization in machine project to meet the May 4th movement "hero flag for the brilliance" the theme activity "three ones", put forward by the positive response to the youth corps cell "for two months, to seize the new victory" of the initiative, to talk about feelings, talk, talk about the goal, write down a vote on heart words encourage myself, rushed to sign the "heroic" lifting team.
At the same time, in the relative spare time, participate in the "beautiful life road, ride each step" in April theme activities, enhance the cohesion.




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